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I know not to do this again...

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Our church was sponsoring a week-long camp for kids age 10 to 14; I did not volunteer to be the camp nurse because I knew it would be beyond my capabilities. 3 days before the camp was to start the director told my husband she could not find a nurse for camp. Hubby told her I might help if I had a place to lie down all the time. She told us that the cabin for the nurse was air conditioned, had a microwave, refrigerator, and a private bathroom. I told her I would come down BUT - I could NOT run around and keep up with the kids. She said that would be fine, I would be needed to only distribute meds to a few kids who needed them and take care of first-aid situations. Ok, I decided to try.

I packed up and went to the camp. My "cabin" was kind of a three-bedroom house I would be sharing with 4 other women. Ok, I can handle that. I asked about the air conditioning; no such thing. I should have gone back home then but I decided I was doing a good deed so I would try to tough it out.

The heat index every day was over 100 degrees, I never got to bed before 1am and then had to get up at 6 am every day for morning meds. I was miserable!!! To top it off several of the counselors were snotty about me "doing nothing but sitting in the cabin all day". The lady for whom I had volunteered never told them I had health problems! URRRGGGHHHH!!! Some people!

OK, I'll shut up now - thanks for letting me vent!

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