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Vanderbilt University

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I'm curious - have any of you gone to the Vanderbilt University in Tenn.? B)

I have been looking for a place "close" to us that has more experience with POTS than where we live locally. Our current cardiologist is really encouraging us to find a place with more experience than he has. He's willing to learn, but I think that the amount of cardiac involvement makes him somewhat nervous. :( My husband doesn't enjoy the sypmtoms either. :blink:

I discovered that Vanderbilt has an Autonomic Dysfunction Center & I'm wondering if any of you out there have gone & what's involved. Thanks for any info you can send my way! :)

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I was hoping to go there too - however I received a letter from them over the weekend stating that they did not think that they could help me.. I was really disappointed - but i will keep search!! I have heard nothing but great things about Vanderbilt - hope it works out for you!!

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