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Arm Throbbing And Ears Popping


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Hi all!

My left arm/hand has been throbbing all day, and is awful (I know there is worse, but it is keeping me from doing a lot, and I just want to slam it against a wall). I don't know why its been this way? Cold? My right is getting worse and starting to be as bad as the left. Anyone else have this?

My ear keeps popping too, as in like multiple times a minute...

My BP is low today, and HR high... other than that I have no clue, I just feel awful.

Sorry, it is just getting old and am desperate for any help! Thanks for putting up with my venting!

If you have any hints let me know.


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Hi again!

My arm finally got to feeling better, I had wondered if it was because it had gotten a lot colder kind of quick. I had wondered about Raynauds etc. Or if it was the neuropathy. The nerve pain had actually gotten better! Then, within the past day or so it is coming back, so maybe it is linked.

My ears keep popping which is more of an annoyance then anything, it seems every couple of weeks I get it for a few days. Hopefully it will be over soon.

Fun times!

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