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New Symptoms - Why?

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Over the past five days, I have suddenly developed nausea and bad indigestion. It gets worse when I eat, and when I get up in the morning. At times, I feel like something is crawling up the back of my throat. I just did a pregnancy test, as the only times in my life where I have felt anything like this has been when I was pregnant, but the test says negative. Which is fortunate since I had my tubes ligated three or four years ago.

Anyway, I have been on Protonix 20 mg for a long time, not sure why it has stopped working. My neuro did put me on Imipramene about a week and a half ago, that is the only med change.

I am all ears for any suggestions!



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Glad you aren't pregnant, given the tubal ligation!

I don't know the answer to the question "why?" but I can tell you that I am right there with you. I most often have nausea and heartburn. Generally I take famotidine for the heartburn on a routine basis. I ran out the other day and really notice a difference.

Nausea, I just have to grin and bear it at times. A really big burp can help a lot at times. My poor mother just dies when I let her rip (not in public, mind you) but I feel SO much better. Many times I'm cured after the burp!

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Sometimes I have had problems if I skip a dose when I have been on it a while. Also, you could check with your dr. to see if it is the meds. Did you eat anything that maybe could have brought it on? Or a lot of stress? Also, I get sick feeling in the morning if I try to take too many meds on an empty stomach, especially vitamins. Also, hot tea on an empty stomach is bad news! I get very nausous. :)

Hope you figure it out and it isn't to hard to fix! B)

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Guest tearose

Sorry you are having this trouble.

Digestion issues are included in my autonomic dysfunction and I have found small more frequent snacks help keep me from getting nausea.

I do well with herbal tea, ginger ale without too much fizz...

Try different things.

Could you possibly have caught a virus?

Hope it resolves soon but you know the drill...if you aren't feeling better, go back to the doctor.

best regards,


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