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More Allergic Reactions


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Hi all

Previous to becoming ill with POTS and PAF i was not allergic to anything, since this wonderful illness has taken over my body i am finding out that i am getting different sorts of reactions to some things that i have always used as well as to new things.

The sticky pads that they use for heart moniters caused swelling and blistering along with micro pore tape used recently to stick I.V needles on to skin.

Antibiotics that i have taken years before that i was fine with has now just caused an allergic reaction.

A face cream that i used turned me in to a blotchy fat faced monster( my husband commented he could not notice the difference, HA HA).

Even some foods are causing problems now.

Why is this? is it down to the weekened immune system?

Any advice would be great as i have read previous posts where many of you say you take allergy shots, just wondered if you have always been like this or is it connected with your illness?

Thanks for any help.


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Hey Maggy,

This exact same thing happened to me- once I acquired POTS, I became allergic to the micropore tape, certain antibiotics, wheat, dairy, dust and feathers! Now I'm better the allergies are fading again to the extent that I can eat cheese and bread with only mild effect. The micropore tape is still bad though, and don't even talk to me about ECG electrodes- they leave me red and itchy for weeks on end.

I'm not sure about why this happens- mast cell activation disorders which are sometimes thought to be part of pots could be connected, I suppose- the histamine levels in the blood get altered- so could explain a more acute response to things?

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This is really interesting. The same thing has happened to me. I've always been a very allergic person, but it's gotten a lot worse since pots/ncs flared up. My allergy to adhesives (including most ekg pads) is also a real problem, where they've sent me home in the middle of an echocardiogram, as my throat started tightening from the allergy. I went through several months last year when I could eat only chicken and rice without becoming allergic. It's calmed down, but I'm still allergic to lots of things.

On the other hand, there are plenty of allergic people out there who don't have pots. But it does seem a lot of pots people have allergies.

One other thought-- are you on beta-blockers? I've heard that those can worsen allergic response.

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Wow! That is interesting... I am really sensitive/allergic to different tapes/electrodes/gloves (esp. powdered) etc. Drs. etc don't seem to believe me or think it matters, but when electrodes give you that burn that lasts for two weeks of itching, burning, and raw, then it matters to you!

I am also very sensitive to skin contacts with some fabrics, dog fur, etc. The list seems to grow, and sometimes it is hard to find out what set off the reactions.

It is not fun! :)

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I have the tape/bandage allergy as well.

Some seem to "poo-poo" the idea and others are quick to pull out the paper tape and different ECG electrodes.

Like some have said, it makes little difference.

I'm still red, itchy, blistered, and skin ripped off from the adhesives.

I used to tolerate absolutely anything and the last couple of years it seems I am so sensitive to all sorts of things. I'm allergic to meds, perfumes, strong odors, adhesives, . . . the list keeps growing. I have wondered as have some of you if this is a part of some autoimmune link wtih POTS.

Let me know if anyone learns anything helpful!

I'd love less itching and scratching and scarring!

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Are there electrodes that are not as bad for people like us? They know I have the problem with the ones they use, but they have never offered me anything different for a holter monitor. I am in need of a 30 day event monitor, but I know my skin can't take it. Any suggestions? :)


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