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Temporary Rise In Temperature


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Hi can anybody shed any light on what is happening?

For a few months i have been having episodes of feeling blank followed sometimes by passing out. i can be sitting or laying when this happens and it is totally different to when you pass out due to low blood pressure.

When you are out of it people can be talking to you and you have no idea of what is going on.

At present i am under the care of the hospital at home having I.V antibiotics for another long standing kidney infection.

While the nurses were here they did the normal obs including temperature which was perfectly normal as i am now almost clear of infection. a few moments later i decided to have one of these episodes and i found out afterwards that they took my obs whilst it was happening.

My temperature rose up to over a hundred whilst it was happening and then a few mins later when i came round it went back down to normal.

I am confused and so were they.

Can anybody explain why?

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