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Is This The Pots?

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I have been more potsy lately. Not always tachy, meds block that, but feel the blood flow or lack there of! Somedays I just feel off, tired, achy, brain fog etc. Even though I am not having a pots episode at the time can this still be the effects of the pots. Sort of like a hangover? What do you think? What do you experience?

Thank you

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Everything I've read says fatigue/brain fog is a HUGE part of POTS. It's like our bodies are on overdrive all of the time. I think I saw it described somewhere as being on a treadmill 24/7. So it makes sense that you would feel that way.

There's also a lot of overlap with POTS and chronic fatigue in the symptoms we have. And fatigue and brain fog are problems with CFS.

As always, it doesn't hurt to ask your doctor. But it sounds like classic POTS to me!


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