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painful hands?


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Hi, all!

Just wondering if anyone has pain in their hands. I've never had this, but over the past few months it has appeared and worsened. Not that I can't use them (thank God - I'm a pianist!) but picking up a book or stack or papers is very painful. It doesn't seem to be in the joints, but rather in the length of bone, or maybe muscle or ligament running from one joint to another. I can also feel it a bit in my feet, and sometimes very mild throughout most of my body. I'm worse upon wakening, along with stiffness and a feeling like it's swollen even though there's no visible evidence.

It's not fibromyalgia - I don't have the pressure point sensitivity. Any thoughts?

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Yes, my mom also has pain in her hands and swelling. she cant even sign things in the morning. i experience some of this when i first wake up, but it goes away pretty quickly. We didnt think it was related to dysautonomia but well be sure to bring it up on our next doc. appointment. Good luck

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hi opus

I have the hand pains as well. Also not diagnosed for anything because it comes and goes. Mostly for a few days in one hand (feels like its swollen and stiff) but after a few days it disappears. Since it disappears all the time I can manage and think it's just one of those weird things. . .

Hope it doesn't give you to much trouble with you being a pianist.


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Before I started to have acute syncopes episode (10x a day) I had severe hand pain and hand weakness. I was a massage therapist and could not give massages on many days. I was wearing orthopedic wrist support which helped in a way but made my hands much weaker.

Now that I don't massage or work my hands are much less painful.


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