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hey everyone i was just wondreing does anyone faint but have slightly altered consciousness i have that sometimes,but not lose it fully. i suddenly fall to the ground like my body just wont hold me up and im not really with it.im so fed up today ive got so much joint pain it feels as if my ankles are swelling up and all my muscles ache as if ive over worked them.feel terrible.i hate pots symptoms.

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Youre deffinently not alone, although i thought i was. Thanks for posting this so i know im not crazy. It happens to me like once or twice a week. I fall or yell for my mom, and thats really the last thing i remember untill i come to, but i never lost consiousness and i can remember bits and peices, like my mom telling me to breath but i have no idea how i got on the floor. When this happens to you do things around you look really strange? like once i was on the boardwalk, and all of the boards looked like they were shaking under my feet. Thanks, and good luck.

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