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Do High Bp And Pots = Normal Bp


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I have been told I have severe pots from 2 specialists and boy do I feel it. I also have high blood pressure due to another condition. So my blood pressure is in the normal range or high depending on the day. It is not often I have majorly low blood pressure anymore. Most days I feel like I'm going to faint and go take my numbers and they are normal. I'm not taking high blood pressure meds, it doesn't get dangerously high. I'm just wondering what would happen if the high bp was fixed would my numbers drop off the chart?

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Highly variable bp is a hallmark of POTS. I have read that it is POTS patients with a tendency towards low BP who have the most trouble with medications such as beta blockers that are typically used to help normalize heart rate. Is the high bp caused by a different condition? Some POTS forms (e.g., the hyperadrenergic form) can cause elevated bp.

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