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Muscles Tested Weak That Control Lungs

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I had a pulminary function test, where I had to sit in this little enclosed area and breathe weirdly for awhile. My lungs tested beautifully, but the muscles controlling them were very weak. Has anyone else had this?

Also, can dysautonomia cause this? I have neuropathy, and it's been really bad lately. My arms, especially, are really weak. POTS????



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My diagnosis is Neuropathic POTS and yes I did test well below normal limits for my gender and body type..Its a good idea to repeat the test..called MIP,MEP`s ...just in case you didnt put full effort into it the first time around .I went on to have EMG testing to rule out things like MG and ALS(yikes ) but nothing sinister was discovered .

I guess it IS just part of the dysautonomia .

I get daily chest pain and tightness and I sometimes wonder if my weaker respiratory muscles contribute to those symptoms...do you experiencs anything like that ?


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Hi, Margaret,

Thanks for posting. Yes, I get muscle tightness in my chest a lot. I wonder if it's not from adrenaline constantly surging? I get a lot of chest pain, too, but I also have severe erosion in my esophagus, and I can't differentiate between heart, esophagus, lung, muscle, bone, etc. pain in the middle of my chest. I'm doomed, I know!

It's a pain, having this, isn't it? Most days, anymore, I wonder if it's worth getting out of bed.

Oh, I was said to have Neuropathic POTS, as well.


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