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Motility Issues/gp - Colonics?

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Hello everyone!

I've been having increasing tummy problems lately, and finally got a GI doc last week. My symptoms: stomach discomfort/cramping, pretty much constant nausea on a varying scale, early fullness when eating that lasts for hours, vomitting (try to avoid, because if i start gagging it's hard to stop), alternating bouts of constipation and then diahrrea then back again, belching a lot including burping up bits of food hours after I eat, etc etc etc....

I went for an endoscopy on monday, he did some biopsies and said my stomach is inflamed (Gastritis). I don't have another apt with him until late next week, although he said he wants to do a Gastric Emptying Test, and wait for the results from my abdominal ultrasound and the biopsies before proceding. So in the meantime, I have nexxium that doesn't work and a disgusting GI cocktail sitting on my counter.

My question is this - has anybody with these problems had any relief using colonics/colon cleansing? I just feel like if I could get good and cleaned out, it might help put me on a good track, but perhaps that's wishful thinking, but I wanted to get some opinions before trying.

Any advice or just relating your experiences would be really helpful.

Oh, one more thing - did anybody else who had an endoscopy have trouble recovering? I usually bounce back pretty good but man, I've been a mess the two days since the procedure. Headaches and tummy aches and nausea and getting the spins - POTS stuff I have pretty in control before the procedure. And sooooooooo tired. Is it a POTSy reaction to the anethesia? They did put me completely under.

Anyways, thanks so much guys. I hope you all have a really great day!


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I had an EGD back in November and afterwards, for several days, I felt really bad as well. My Cardio said it may have had something to do with the biopsies they took in my stomach, but just to take it easy and once they "healed" then I should start feeling better.

I have several of the same problems that you described, just not gastritis, or at least they didn't tell me I did. Laying in bed in pain, waiting, *****, but that seems to be all there is that can be done. If you get any good tips on how to help with motility issues, please let me know. Other than increasing fiber and fluids, there doesn't seem to be much else, and when you have no appetite, and feel sick all the time, you can't eat, therefore you can't increase fiber intake.....vicious cycle.

On the EGD, I wasn't put completely under, just phentenol, but coming out of that was just as hard as it is for me with full anesthesia.

I hope you feel better soon.

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