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HI, I have POTS and soon I have to have an operation on a giant hernia that grew in my stomach. This is the second time for stomach surgery. 8 yrs ago I had a growth and I almost died having surgery. I lost alot of blood and the doctors thought I would reproduce my own blood but I don't. An old doctor of mine had another POTS patient and she didn't reproduce her blood either. I was wondering if any of you are like this.

Also, I am hyper sensitive to many medicines,especially one's that put you under. What should I have as a med to put me under for surgery?

Also,I can not tolerate Florinef at all. This and beta blockers cause POTS for me. I recently was in the hospital and they thought I was having CHF. This was the second time I was so bad that I spent 2 months in the hospital catching other illnesses from the hospital. I had echo test on heart and another test with tube down throat to look at heart..but they say my heart is strong. I think this is all Pots. They don't. But both times I had such extreme episodes I was in the middle of changing amounts of anti-depressants. I find that interesting.

What should I warn my surgeon of? I am really scarred.

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you do need to talk to your surgeon but even more importantly you need to meet with your anaethetist / anaesthesiologist before you go in to hospital and discuss your situation with them as they will be selecting the meds for your anaesthetic and controlling your BP and HR during the surgery and in recovery.

In the main DINET site there is a section of "links" - it includes links to papers about POTS and anaesthesia, it may be helpful for you to read them and take them along when you meet the anaesthetist.

Hopefully with some advance planning everything will go smoothly,


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