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Has Anyone Seen Dr.grubbs Assistant Beth?

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had an appointment with Dr.Grubbs assistant Beth. I saw him about 6 months ago, and he was wonderful but rather than waiting another year for another appointment with him he told me to see Beth for a follow up? I was just wondering if I would be better off seeing her, or waiting the 9 months-year to see him again and follow up with my local cardiologist in the interim.

Also does anyone have an appt there on 7/30? I would love to meet more fellow dysautonomiacs (I think I just made up that term!)

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I think you're referring to Beverly - Dr Grubb's PA. I just saw her for my last visit instead of waiting to see Dr Grubb. She is extremely sweet and helpful and a good listener. It's really up to you. Honestly there's nothing like seeing Dr. Grubb because he just has SO much understanding. But if you're needing to see someone or have any pressing question/concerns I would definitely see Beverly. She knows a lot and can always ask Dr Grubb some questions if she needs to.

Hope this helps!


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Darn, we'd be missing you by one day! We're seeing Dr. Grubb on the 31st. I would say to go and see Bev. I don't know where you live, but if it's not a terrible inconvenience, I would go. She's fabulous and like Lisa said, she can consult with Grubb if needed.

Good luck.


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