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Botox Injections In Stomach

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I'm going to be getting botox injections in my stomach due to some spontaneous contractions and simultaneous ones. I know there have been other posts on the topic but I'm having a difficult time finding information about the actual process. I know an endoscopy is involved but was wondering if those who have had it could shed some light on it for me...

Is any anesthesia used and how long does it take?



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hi elle -

i haven't had this myself but have read & heard a lot about it. if you're having the type typically done for those with gastroparesis, the procedure itself won't be/ feel any different than a regular endoscopy. it's generally done under sedation as an outpatient procedure with the only difference being that the injection(s) are done while the scope is in place. if the botox ends up helping the effect usually lasts about 3 months, though for some it's a bit longer or shorter. at that point the procedure can be repeated. i think the effects - if there are going to be any - are evident pretty soon after the procedure. and the procedure itself doesn't take any longer than a standard endoscopy.

most often botox injections in the stomach is done for those with gastroparesis in order to open up the sphincter (going in to the small intestines) to better allow food to move through. so i'm not 100% that what you're referring to is the same as the objective seems to be a bit different...

hope this helps,

:( melissa

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hi there,

I had the botox injections via endoscopy in May............The procedure was like a standard endoscopic procedure only with the botox injections.........basically they give you some stuff to numb the back of your throat..........they give you "conscious sedation", no anesthesia - they gave me versad and phentanyl (sp?) .........throw the scope down into the stomach, inject botox, and boom, the procedure is a total of about 20 minutes ......

.....I personally did not have the best experience with the procedure, they gave me too much sedation and I was vomiting after............I also had some stomach pains for about a week after (which is wierd because i never had these problems with regular endoscopy, so i figure it was probably from the botox itself that they injected that caused these symptoms and also due to the fact that the GI doc said my stomach was "mis-shaped" or something).................there was no change in my ability to eat more, feel less nauseous after the procedure..............the GI doc told me that if you do see benefit, you should see it within 3 days out of the procedure.....

...dont let my experience stop you from going through with this - my GI doc said MANY people benefit from the procedure .............THOUGH the botox generally is only helpful, if IT DOES HELP that is, for about 6 months (this was what i was told) and then you have to go in and have the procedure again...........

I am currently on baclofen to help with my gastroparesis.........though it seems to be helping some, i am finding that my body is building a tolerance to it, and thus, i've been having troubles again at night with nausea ............though i have been able to eat more with the baclofen, i am having a hard time gaining weight -- at 114 at 5'8' .................

good luck with the procedure and i hope it helps you.


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Thanks Melissa and Angela for your replies!! :(

I will be having it done next month. I have had endoscopies before and didn't know if there would be much difference with the botox injections. I don't believe I have gastroparesis as I had a normal gastric emptying study, but my antroduodenal manometry was abnormal with the contractions not lined up or something (the doctor went over the results with me but most of it went right over my head).....all I know is if it has the potential to make me feel better, even for a little bit, I will give it a shot.


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