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Vasovagal Events

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Hi, As recently posted, I had attached myself to a continuous ecg monitor while at work and not feeling that great and it showed normal postural tachy at about 170 and THEN after I laid down I went into AV block......

my cardiologist called this AV block but summed it up as being a "vagal event" ................I just spoke with my neurologist and filled him in on the findings and he thought it didnt sound characteristic of a "vagal event" because he said generally vagal events dont cause AV block, to any degree, whether mild (like what i had) or severe, and that generally a vagal response is seen while the patient is still standing upright, not after they go supine ..............he said he'd never seen anyone with vasovagal syncope go into AV block ......I personally could see how this COULD occur, to go into AV block from increased parasympathetic tone (the sa and av node are richly innervated with both sympathetic and parasympathetic fibers, so not sure why the neuro was so baffled over this?) .....

have any of you with vagal events been told that you had a simultaneous AV block with the vagal event?

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