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So I have the American MedicAlert service and bracelet over here, but it's time to renew my subscription, and while there's a number to call from overseas, it's not on the bracelet. What similar organizations are over there, and could you please post a link?

Thanks a bunch!!

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Hi Megan,

there is a UK branch of MedicAlert:


Personally I wear a Medi-Tag pendant as I find their designs more acceptable to wear and you can fit more characters onto the back of the pendant. It has room for your name, an international phone number (direct to the control room of an ambulance service), your membership number and room for at least 43 characters of personal med details.


There are lots of other websites that sell medical jewellery but without the telephone service. I guess you could always subscribe to the telephone service of MedicAlert or Medi-Tag and have the details engraved on a different type of jewellery if you wanted.

Hope you find something that suits you.


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