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Bladder Update,

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Hi all..been meaning to post an update for awhile but things have been slow going in dx. these irritating bladder issues. I am seeing a urologist and so far he has ruled out any kind of infection (even did a round of antibiotics too make sure) and now we're moving in the direction of a possible IC dx. I did the pelvic pain questionere and based on that he wants to have a Potassium Sensativity Test done and then most likely a scope. Yeaaaahhhh...not really looking forward to ANY of this!! B)

I go in for the PST in a couple of weeks...then probably won't get the scope scheduled for several weeks after that. I've been keeping a food journal right now to see if I can pick up any kind of pattern as my symptoms do wax and wane a lot. I know that several of you have experience with IC and any advice or info. you want to share as to the dx. procedures and treatments you have tried would be welcome. I've done a lot of research but it's so hard to say how a person with POTS is going to react to all of this.

It's just so frustrating..everytime I think I'm getting a bit ahead of POTS something else hits and just drags me back down again!! Last year was the gall bladder and now this...yet another disorder that has an unknown cause and limited treatment options. Sheesh! :lol: At leaste with the gall bladder the problem was fixed once I had the dang thing taken out!!

I hope that you guys are doing well....glad to see you back on the boards Melissa, hope your urethra is better Emily, thanks for your help Pat!

Love to you all! :lol:

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