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Restless Sleepers

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I just came across this article and I believe it describes what was going on with my husband and why the CPAP has helped so much to clear up his symptoms. He was diagnosed with sleep apnea and more importantly the "microarousals" that this article addresses. He continues to be event free - 10 months and counting!

Night Twitches in People With Restless Leg Syndrome Produce Recurring Blood-Pressure Spikes

from Heartwire ? a professional news service of WebMD

Shelley Wood April 11, 2007 (Montreal, QC)

Increases in blood pressure were more pronounced in patients who also experienced microarousals on EEG and in older subjects or subjects with a longer history of RLS

"[People] used to think that these twitches during sleep weren't very important, but we weren't so sure," Lanfranchi said. "What found was that these movements are associated with a sudden, sharp increase in blood pressure, between 20 and 40 mm Hg. That can be very important: these are individuals in whom every 20 to 40 seconds, for the whole night, they have these twitches where the blood pressure in a few seconds increases by as much as 40 mm Hg."


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