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Potts Or Pots

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Hey everyone, this is a question for anyone who can explain what POTTS is. A friend of mine in Florida called me this evening to tell me that her Pastor's 19 year old daughter has been very ill. She is currently being seen at the Mayo clinic. Well, the phone call was to tell me that she was diagnosed with POTS, but she couldn't tell me whether or not it was POTS or POTTS. Her current treatment is to lie down, on her left side (I think) and to basically stay in bed for now. I tried to do some research on POTTS and I don't think it has anything to do with the heart, but if someone could confirm/deny this, I would really appreciate it. But in the mean time, if everyone would keep this young lady in your thoughts and prayers, her name is Jessica.


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Pott's disease is tuberculosis (TB) infection of the spine. Quite different to POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome).

Mayo clinic is a good place to be if you have any sort of unusual or complicated illness so hopefully her doctors there will soon work out what is wrong and what treatment to try first.


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Is it common for people to be mis-informed about this disorder? I have spent the last few years becoming very familiar with POTS, and I know that I have never been told to lay in bed on one side and be quiet. But as I have read people saying that if you aren't specific in a lot of places and spell out that you have POTS with one T, they will sometimes think you have the other one.

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