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This may be nothing, but I'm noticing that after I focus on something, near or far, out of the sides of either eye, I get really dizzy. The dizziness doesn't last very long. I don't have any trouble with my vision, I just get dizzy after looking up or down or to the side with out turning my head. I'm not sure if this is perfectly normal, no big deal or worth telling my doctor.

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Hi. If the dizziness is just after eye movement (or head movement with the eyes fixed on an object), especially far to the side, it is related to eye muscle imbalance which is likely from habit. Most of us these days do not get enough eye movement to the side because we are using our eyes to look ahead and close up. Once upon a time, before TV and computers, and in other lands, most eye activities were further away and bigger in scope, especially horizon to horizon.

This is aggravated by nearsightedness and glasses to correct it, which strengthens the muscles on the inside of the eyeball and so the outside muscles get weak.

It is worse if right and left are not "equally imbalanced" as the use of these muscles causes visual disorientation.

The treatment is usually varying eye activity, doing eye exercises, being sure the corrections are right, resting the eyes, etc.

I am not trying to diagnose your problem, but it is one of the things I have studied. There are lots of books and probably some sites dedicated to the subject.

Best wishes.


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