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What's Next, Isn't Pots Enough?

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I'm not really new here. I read daily and answer postings occassionally. I have POTS and am doing much better with hardly any flareups since my ablation in Oct '06. by Dr. G in Ohio. BUT, I was recently told at my yearly eye appointment that I have a pale optic nerve, which is new from last year and that I should see my family physician so he can order a brain scan (MRI). I did and he said I should get one because it could mean I have Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, or a brain tumor. Anyone ever heard of this or have this due to a pale optic nerve? And I really wonder if it is tied in with all this autonomic stuff!!!!!!!!


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Guest tearose

Hi Susan!

Good to have you back...so sorry you are dealing with a new problem.

I do know certain types of optic nerve problems are sometimes the hallmark of MS...but don't assume anything!

Go for the MRI and build a good medical team you can speak with.

The MRI AND a good neuro-opthomalogist will be helpful now.

prayers and support to you dear..

best regards,


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So sorry that you have to deal with another problem.

Is is possible that reduced blood flow to the brain from your autonomic problems is the explanation for a pale optic nerve? I had an EEG which was normal, except for the lack of blood flow to the sides of the brain. This helped me to convince my other doctors to reduce the beta blocker which was causing some of my orthostatic symptoms.

Best wishes.


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Good luck with the MRI - if you haven't had one before be prepared for the scan to be quite noisy - lots of loud knocking noises round your head! I had earphones on so they could talk to me and they let me choose the radio channel to be played through the headphones to distract me a bit.

I hope it all goes well and you get some useful results, let us know how you're doing,


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