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Steroid Shots...?

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I have been diagnosed with Bursitis in most of my joints, and in a couple weeks, I am to be getting steroid shots to cut down on the inflammation. (They also want to do it because if the inflammation comes back, it's most likely that I have Lupus, which they have a suspicion that I have...I don't really understand this though) Anyways, I was wondering if anyone else has had cortisone steroid shots, and if they aggravated your NCS/ POTS symptoms at all.

I'm pretty paranoid about the idea of steroid shots, but my doctor assures me that it will get rid of the pain, at least for a little while.

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My main question would be why you have the bursitis. I get it from hypermobility/instability, in which case the shots are just a short-term solution to quiet down the pain. In the long run these shots are not good for connective tissue.

I prefer to use braces to quiet down a flare, followed by pt to strengthen weak areas and work out muscle spasms. I haven't gotten a steroid shot since my eds diagnosis, since they're hard on normal collagen.

It all depends on the cause of the inflammation.

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When you say steroid shots, do you mean directly into the joints? Or intramuscular & therefore slow release of systemic cortisone?

I've had multiple cortisone injections into my joints over the last 7 years, most often into my shoulders & knees for bursitis & into my spine for a herniated disk. The side effects of these injections were minimal to none & the relief of pain was fantastic.

I also regularly need oral cortisone (prednisolone) & am on it now (have been on it for 3 weeks), the side effects aren't great, sleeplessness is probably the worst. However, since being on it I no longer feel like I'm going to pass out every time I stand up. I normally have low blood pressure (100/60) & get severe postural hypotension. My blood pressure has gone up on the prednisolone (155/90) so I think it is helping with the postural hypotension. I am still getting the tachycardia.

Cortisone does have horrible side effects, especially if used long term, but it is also very good at reducing inflammation & getting rid of pain. I try not to think about the long term effects it may be having on me & just enjoy the pain relief.

I would definitely choose the injections over the oral cortisone, much less side effects.

Good Luck

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