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Interesting but also a bit worrisom. Why is the Mayo Clinic stating that one "grows out" of POTS by the age of 20? The entire presentation implies that POTS is a disorder effecting young women and that it will just go away eventually as they age. I don't understand why Mayo would do this...I'm all for publicity re: dysautonomia but when it's not accurate or excludes a large persentage of patients it really chapps my hide. I didn't get POTS until I was 27...4 years later I still haven't grown out of it...what are they thinking? Aren't there specialist at Mayo?


Okay..went back and read the script again...and they didn't say that ONLY young women get POTS but the entire thing was very slanted and seemed to imply that...and If one didn't know better they'd think that's all there was to this disorder. I know that typically children who develope POTS do have a chance of "growing out of it"..but the presentation made it seem like everyone does...all she had to do was "wait it out".


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"But Megan, like most kids with POTS, is slowly growing out of it, and she's finally got enough energy to play...Medication didn't help Megan, so she's stuck waiting it out until she's 20 or 21. But aerobic exercise and a special diet do seem to reduce some symptoms." Mayo Clinic POT Syndrom (POTS), script, March 29, 2007.

There it is.

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That video has my blood boiling .Grrrr- I'm 51 - how much longer do I have to wait to "outgrow" POTS?

My daughter is 21 and SHE still faints.

And if POTS is so "common" (one out of a hundred) why have all my doctors been unable to diagnose me for so many years?

It is so irritating to see that "expert" give such misleading information. Isn't there something that can be done to balance that misrepresentation? :huh::(:o:blink:

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