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Med And Sun Combo

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i was just recently down in florida for vacation and by the third day, i ended up breaking out in this horrific rash, so bad that i ended up having to go to a local ER.......the rash seemed to intensify and become 10X worse with being out in the sun. the second i said to the doc that i was on florinef he said "ooowww, your not supposed to be out in the sun while on florinef cuz that it what is causing your rash".................i didnt know this and i had never heard of sun exposure being contraindicated while being on florinef....i even looked it up online, on many different websites and nowhere could i find sun exposure being contraindicated while taking florinef...

anyone else had this problem?

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i have had problems with sun (despite loads of high SPF sunscreen) & some other meds - years back i was a swim coach, lifeguard, outside athlete, etc - but never with florinef. and i was on it for years while under the sun. i've never heard that either but med/sun rxns are NOT fun.

<_< melissa

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That was an interesting question you raised about florinef and sun exposure. The AARP Guide to Pill Use does say that one is to avoid sun exposure when taking florinef as it can cause increased sensitivity to the sun. Skin rashes can be a side effect--redness, peeling skin, blisters.

On another note, a number of years ago, I was out on a boat. By the time we came back, I had such a terrible rash. It looked like poison ivy. It turned out it was terrible hives.

Since then I notice the tendancy to get ives when it is really chilly or when I am out in intense sun for a number of hours (not the case anymore with POTS). My allergist told me that sometimes people with allergies can actually get allergic responses to the cold and the heat.

Hope you are feeling better.


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