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Bp And Heart Rate In Kids


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Hi all,

I wonder if any of you might know what is a low BP in a child (well 11 year old and 15year old) my 11 year old son has a bp of 85/60 when he starts to feel bad and his sister jumps around all over the place but tends to cause trouble at around 90/60.

One other thing is, that while my daughter had an exercise ECG when she cooled down her BP had a lower number on top than on the bottom the technician said the monitor must have gone wrong as this was impossible but then monitor went back to 80/50 and so on. Sorry to sound so stupid but is it impossible to have such a reading!?


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Guest dionna

i have had a reading of 100/110 before and 3 doctors with their manual bp cuff got that. they of course said that it is impossible. that was just before my stress test. so... i don't think it is stupid of you to ask at all. i have pondered the same myself. i am not sure about what their bp should be. perhaps someone else on here would know. best of luck to all of you!

dionna :P

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