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I've been in and out of doctors SOO much the past few weeks. My medication has stopped working properly, so I've started passing out A LOT again. And I've been submitted to insane amounts of tests and xrays and such trying to determine if I have EDS or what could be wrong with me, other than what we already know. It's been insanely discouraging.

So, I was watching the Discovery Channel today (as usual), and this one woman said, "There comes a time when you have to figure out if you're a person with a disease or a diseased person."

As difficult as it seems to not be obsessed with everything that's wrong with me, I don't want to let it control me. It really encouraged me. I don't want to not let my problems be my identity.

I am stronger than this. :lol:

Just thought I'd share... :P

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Guest tearose

Keep that great attitude ode!

I have several sayings I hold onto. One I use weekely is "I can't control what happens to me, I can only control how I respond".

You are not a diseased person! You are a person with a challenge! You can deal with challenges!

We all just have to validate whatever we feel right where we are.

Then, slowly, figure where we want to go and how the heck we will get there!!!

This is all a long slow process...a journey. we have ups and downs. We have a treatment plan that works for weeks or months and then boom! suddenlly nothing works anymore!

We will be ontop of the world and thinking we got "all better" and then suddenly...oooops! we find ourself in a 20 foot deep Potshole and wonder which way is up and how the heck did we get down here and how soon will we see the light of day again!

You are so right! YOU ARE STRONGER than this!

We are stronger than this.

We will survive!

Thank you for sharing.


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Absolutely! You are not your illness. Good for you. Sorry, I'm not feeling verbose at the moment- but keep it up and take care of yourself!



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