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Started Ivig


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I started IVIG on monday. I am having a hard time getting rid of the spinal headache that can be a side effect. My MD said this should get better with future treatments.

Anyone else on IVIG? Did the headaches get better with time? Did your POTS or neuropathy improve? If so, how long did it take?

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There are a handful of people on this site who have tried or are currently trying IVIG.

Were you able to do a search and see if that helped you find an answer to your question? Just do an advanced search with IVIG as the TOPIC search (don't search all posts for the word or you'll be bogged down! :)) It's been discussed several times before and maybe you will find some help that way....

Melissa knows a lot about IVIG and some others, but many arent' up to posting much....

So hope you find some help in a search...


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i'm pretty crashed at the moment after an appointment yesterday but wanted to at least point you in the direction of another post.

i replied some while after you'd initially posted so i'm thinking you didn't see my reply to your first post asking about IVIG. here's the link to my reply, which includes links to about all the relevant IVIG discussion that's occurred on the forum.


how much IVIG are you getting (dosage, hours, number of days)?

if you have other questions after reading feel free to let me know.

hope this helps,

:lol: melissa

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Thank you Emily and Melissa for the links. They were very helpful.


I had 5 bottles over 6 hours on Monday and another 5 bottles over 7 hours on Tuesday. Thanks for posting dispite being so ill. I think of you often.

I am starting to get some relief from the headache this evening, however I have had to take quite a bit of prednisone to keep it in check. I get a lot of back & hip pain with the hydrocortisone they gave me to control the headache. I was hoping to avoid the back and hip pain issue by moving to IVIG.

No Pain No Gain --

It is hard to tell if I have improved. The headache and steroids scamble my brain.


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