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Anyone Fainted On Their Foot?


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Hello everyone!

I fainted awkwardly on my foot 4 weeks ago this very night. I didn't break anything, according to the x-ray, but it still isn't right. After I fell, there was no swelling or bruising. But it's so sore- I can barely put weight on my foot. Sometimes it's almost normal, with virtually no pain, but then it feels like something crunched out of place right in front of my middle three toes and through to the ball of my foot.

No one can detect anything wrong, but it's SO sore and now my foot is making crunching noises.

So far this term I have managed to bash both feet, dislocate both shoulders, land on my neck and bruise both arms. Oh and hurt my head, too! But I still hold out that I'm having a better time than a year ago....I'm much happier tho the Epogen has made me MUCH heavier (I've gained 55 lbs on it!)

Have any of you sustained nasty foot injuries and found it takes ages to heal? What can I do to help my foot? Because I've sustained worse injuries, my docs aren't majorly worried or bothered about a mere foot injury- but the pain is pretty hard core!

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Hi Persephone,

standing / walking with POTS is bad enough so to have to do that on a painful foot must be terrible. What sort of shoes are you wearing? I know that your Drs told you it wasn't broken but people with minor fractures or ligament injuries are often advised to wear shoes with stiff soles (like old fashioned lace-up school shoes) to support the foot and reduce movement in the mid and fore foot to allow the injury to heal.

On the other hand a special insole to support the metatarsals (sounds like this is where your pain is located) might work - not sure if you would need your Dr to refer you to get one though.

I hope the pain settles down soon (make sure you take any pain relief (even if just paracetamol) regularly rather than waiting until it is really sore - it works better that way).

Take care,


PS - ages ago I think you sent a message via the Meet People list, PM me if you would like to meet up some time.

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Hi Persephone,

I have very loose feet and often feel like something is out of place. Indeed it does sound like your metatarsals-- a place where I have long time issues. It's quieter now, but in the past lots of popping and crunching, esp. when I first stand. Ouch.

Footwear is key for me. I wear metatarsal pads in my shoes--just little blue gel inserts that cost 6 USD. I got them at an athletic shoe store. There are different brands with different heights. I like spenco and have ordered a back supply online. I then tape them to the insoles of my shoes. It supports the metatarsal heads just right.

I also need shoes with a wide toe box. I wear birkenstock's--they now make them in styles that look a little more presentable, so my favorite is a simple Black leather clog. The Footprints line has some cuter styles.

I also roll the sole of my foot over a rubber ball on the floor.

Exercise wise, you can stretch and strengthen the area --I do a GENTLE achilles stretch, and then also stretch my toes, by keeping my heel on the floor and gently pressing my toes against the wall. I also find it helpful to alternate pointing my foot and then spreading my toes. Spreading my toes helps to uncramp the area.

Good luck. I've learned the hard way that if something hurts, I need to back off and do it differently, and nip it in the bud, or I end up with longterm issues.

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Guest tearose

How in the world did you manage to land on your foot??? OUCH. I can't imagine how you didn't break or fracture a bone.

Can you have another x-ray done? The rule around here is if it still hurts after two weeks, you get another x-ray. Your explanation of the pain sounds unbearable so can you go back to have it checked again?

Even if it turns out to "only be a sprain" at least a doctor or physical therapist should show you how to wrap it so you can walk around while it heals.

hope you feel relief soon!


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