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Hypovolemia--does It Ever Correct Itself?


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I am new to the group with a million questions and SEVERE fatigue--prettty much bedridden and using computer is difficult.

Does hypovolemia ever correct itself? I am getting IV once a week and it helps a bit. Is this permananent or one of those things that the body will eventually self correct?

thanks for any experience

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Welcome to the forum--although I am sorry you are feeling so poorly.

Most people with POTS improve over time. However, many also continue with some level of chronic (usually mild) symptoms, including hypovolemia. Many of us feel best with daily fluid and salt loading for that reason.


Thanks Katherine,

Right now I am drinking about 12 to 15 salted drinks/day when I don't get the IV. I dont' feel remotely human in the mornings till I have had 4 to 6! I just pour table salt in water and diluted white grape juice. I don't even taste it but I know it helps.

My MIL had a stroke this summer and her body is healing so nicely--I was hoping hypovolemia was one of those things the body eventually would re-regulate.

My best time of day is very very late at nighjust before bedt--like I finally have enough blood volume to carry on a conversation. Then poof it disappears when I sleep!

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