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My daughter was referred to Mayo MN over 3 weeks ago. The doctor has had her chart on his desk for almost 16 days. I have called weekly only to be told the chart is still being reviewed.

What is considered the normal wait time for them to review a chart before receiving an answer?

Is it easier and quicker to get into Vanderbilt?

This process is very discouraging.


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Keep in mind that even at Mayo, there are not that many Dr's that deal with these disorders (there are 3 or 4 I think) AND often one or more of them is traveling around the country and not even in the office.

Typically their wait for an appointment is anywhere from 4-8 months long.

So....be persistent and keep doing what you are doing but know that the reality is that it sometimes takes a long time to get in or accepted at any of these places.

Last I checked Vanderbilt had a 6-8 month waiting list and Dr. Grubb had 9-12 months.

There just aren't many Dr's available to take cases like ours.

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I would suggest having your doctor follow-up with Mayo. I went through the same thing about a year ago, and they turned me down without being put on a waiting list. I wish I would have asked my doctors to push a bit maybe it would have made a difference.

Good Luck, Your daugher is lucky to have a mom fighting for her.


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