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Seen Disability Lawyer Today

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I had an appointment with a local disibility lawyer today that my PCP recommended. Turns out that he was great. I had orginally filed and received a denial letter. I went today to see what my chances were for an appeal and ultimate win on my case. He did take my case and said that we might be in for the long haul, but it was a winable case. I took copies of all my test, labs, doctors visits, etc really I took everything. I also took copies of all disibility contacts as well as copies of any and all info I could find on Pots and Dysautonomia. He said I should fall under the 4.05 condition of heart arythemia's (spelling??). If my cardio will verify that I do fall under that condition, then it's a slam dunk...if he won't then we will have to go to a hearing, but with all of my health problems and the lack of energy and the ability to perform basis life functions on my own..he said we had a 90% chance of winning if I could just wait out for the long haul if needed. It's just a wait and see now, but it feels good to not have to worry about the paperwork or calls anymore. He takes care of everything...great for my stress.

Just wanted to let anyone know that might be applying for disability that depending on you condition and symptoms that it is very possible, hang in there and hopefully we will all get what we need in the end.

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