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Thank You For Advise & Comfort On Helping My Daughter


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Thank you for your many replies. My daughter is still in the hospital, she might be able to come home if her potassium comes up. The Drs said that this can be why her heart is still beating fast. As far as Beta Blockers, they are given her Lopresser; Does she stay on them long term or will she be put on and off depending on her symptoms?



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Nice to meet u, i am fairly new as well, just curious how old is your daughter? And as far as my BBS I am on them it looks like for good, unless and hope it happens for her sake, that she grows out of it. Some people do, and others like me have been sick off and on since teen yrs and am now 37 and was just diag in oct of 2006, 3 hrs before they put in a pacemaker. I have wondered about my potassium, need to get it checked too. I just wanted to say it is wonderful of u as a mom to inquire to get help for your daughter, it says alot about u, unfortunatly it is hard i have had to do all myself, family dont really look at me and see me as sick. Good luck and will pray for you and her


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hi mary,

im on bb's for more than 4 years now. i started low (metoprolol 24/24) and had to increase until 300 per day. i've been lowering that dose untill 200 (by myself, no one told me so but i wanted to try and take less because of tiredness) but the tachy is coming up almost daily now. i don't mind taking it for the rest of my life as long as it keeps me going (well, not really going but going at my own level i mean :o:( ).

hope your daughter will be home soon!

corina :o

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