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Extreme Dizziness


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Among all my other symptoms....I have been soooooooo dizzy lately (worse than usual). It has been really intense, kind of like an extremely lightheaded feeling but not in a faint way- kind of strange feeling. I have also noticed that my pupils are gigantic. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Hello! I also get extreme dizziness at times. It seems to come and go....no rhyme or reason. Although I have noticed the dizziness gets much much worse with any stress or "overdoing it." Have you noticed anything else different lately?

One of my friends on this board also has large pupils. I don't but I do have a terrible time adjusting to lights. Even the slightest bit of light throws my vision off for a number of minutes.

I hope your dizziness improves!


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This happens to me sometimes. Try drinking more, I know you probably hear that all the time, but it's what really gets me feeling a little less dizzy. Regarding the pupil thing, are your pupils normally not large? I'm asking because many Dysautonomics have large pupils.

Hopefully the extreme dizziness will pass very soon. Try the drinking more and eat something salty!

Take Care :)

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Thanks for the replys!

I've been dizzy to some extent for over 2 years now, it has had moments when very intense....but never like this. I usually always feel dehydrated and drink a lot of water- but when I;m this dizzy I'm unable to drink much. This strange feeling in my head almost feels like I drank too much water when I have barely had any.- it's such a weird and uncomfortable feeling.

Lights always bother me too and I've noticed my pupils being really big or really small in the past, but they usually don't stay that way very long.

I've been at this barely functioning state for almost a week now...

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