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Feeling Better-tilt Training


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It may be premature to draw conclusions, but I've been trying some very low-level tilt training. I started at 1 minute (yes, that's right), and am now up to 7 minutes of standing while still feeling okay. I have to admit, since doing this (the past 10 days), I've been feeling less awful when upright throughout the day. I see my doc on Monday and will discuss. I am adding no more than 30 seconds at a time, and sometimes do several days at the same length. A major limiting factor is my poor joints-- with eds my knees, hips, and pelvis get cranky, and feel better if I'm moving. It may be that I never progress beyond 10 minutes, but that's already a lot better than wanting to pass out and vomit after 30 seconds. But heck, I'll take better, no matter what the cause.

Some major stress in my life has just let up significantly--I work at a university and my tenure case made it through the first hoop. It's been a very long haul and there are still more hoops, but I'm encouraged. I'm about to turn 40. Overall I really want to manage stress better, and feel like I"m working WITH my cranky body not against it. For the first time in a long time, I'm in a place where I can start deciding what I WANT to do not just what I HAVE to do, and I would like to feel good about the choices I make.

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So today I tried to go out for a short walk for the first time since 10/30--when I ended up in the hospital with shortness of breath. I went for about 10 minutes, and no shortness of breath! I wonder if the tilt training has helped...

Also, I just bought a walker with wheels and a fold down seat. I feel a little funny using it, as I think of myself as too young, but it helped physically and mentally. Physically-- a little support for balance and sore joints. Mentally, as it helped to know that I could take a break and sit if and when I needed to. I hope that the walker will help me to feel braver about going out. It's a little unwieldy, but hopefully worth it.

And just getting outside helps. I have terrible pms and nausea right now, but the weather is beautiful here (sunny and crisp), and I want to enjoy a little bit of sunshine.

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