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Hi. I deal with bad insomnia. I also deal with serious chemical sensitivities. I can go for a couple weeks or more with out sleeping much and then I will crash and burn and want to sleep for days. My doctor gave me samples of rozeram about 3 months ago. I finally got the courage up enough and said heck with it and just took it. I had an awful night. I was sleeping but not restful. I was having night sweats and bad dreams and was very restless but yes tired. I got up after 9 hours and now today I have been feeling Horrible. I have been feeling very anxious like on the verge of anxiety attack. Now I do take xanax. However not for anxiety attacks. I take it because I have a constant wired feeling like I am on speed or O.D. on caffein. We also found it actually controls my pvc's and pac's I used to get so bad every day. So I just took my xanax and will see if things settle down. I also feel more fatiqued, extremely exhausted, locked in a brain fog all more than usual and more naseated and sick to my stomach than usual. I guess this just exaserbated my potsy and FIbro-CFS crud. It has just seemed to severely intensify things.

Anyone else have this problem with Rozeram or other sleep aids?

Is there anyone who takes a sleep aid that works for them who has a history of chemical sensitivities?


Corina (hopeful-girl)

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sorry to hear that you had such a rough night. i actually started rozerem myself last week but have had a good experience with it. i have to take it several hours before bed to get it into my system at all (b/c of my GI issues) but other than that i've done well with it.

the only thing i have to throw out there is that if your bad night/day is something that has happened before symptom-wise, that it's possible that it was coincidence rather than the med itself. obviously that's not a decision for me to make but unless it's a dangerous reaction i try to give a med more than one try to be certain that whatever reaction is going on actually is the med.

i tried various other sleep meds in the past - prior to my diagnosis with sleep apnea - that never really helped, but that was likely b/c my apnea was diagnosed. they all helped me fall asleep but i just kept waking up.

i know that some on the forum have had success with ambien, lunesta, & melatonin (separately, not combined :unsure: ). others have had problems though with the same drugs since we're all so different. maybe some searches on those specific meds though will give you some helpful info.

hope you find something that works for you,

:blink: melissa

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Hi thank you for your input. I am always an open ear when it comes to what has worked for others and what hasn't.

Since I no my body pretty well I can say it was not coincidence (sp?) It was definately the the rozeram. I do get the cold sweats and I do get resltess nights. However thre was a differance in this. See I usually do not get anxiety attacks or feel anxious. I looked up the side affects and all the side affects I had were all thatwas listed and then it also put me in a bad potsy spell.

Unfortunately since my symptoms were to the extreme I do not want to give it a second chance. However I do know what you mean about second chances with some meds. I do that with too ;-). I am SO happy it works for you. I know we all need to find what works and when we do it is such a relief.



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