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Haven't Been Here For A While


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I haven't been on this forum for a while, but I felt the need to vent with winter coming on. I'm really doing a lot better- started the atenol, vitamins, fluid regime which seems to be working pretty well. My hands and feet are no longer totally asleep and ice cold from a lack of circulation every morning, and I very rarely have to lean against the wall of the office to make the trip from the bathroom back to work. But the weather keeps doing crazy things like soaring 50 degrees during the course of 24 hours and going from sunny and 80 to rainy/windy and 60 from day to day, and every time it changes like that, I feel like crap. Plus, it seems like everybody has a cold, which I always catch and then can't get rid of for the life of me. Does anybody else feel like it takes forever to get over the simplest of illnesses?

It seems like nobody understands that yeah, I do feel bad during some portion of the day pretty much every day. And this is actually improvement. I feel like people (DH included) think I'm some sort of a hypochondriac or just really really whiny. I have no idea how to counter this belief. I'm tired of pretending I've been cured, when I still feel bad a lot of the time. Heckfire- I'm just really really tired!

Thanks for reading, guys! I really appreciate it.

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it is so difficult to explain to others what we are going through. maybe it will help when you would give them some information from this site?

i am always worse in winter, but until now we still have about 15 to 17C (i'm in the netherlands) which is good for me. it helps me adjust to colder weather!

oh, and yes, i always try very hard not to catch any kind of virus (not to mention bacteria) because i takes ages to recover from the even littlest cold!


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Yes, it takes me forever to get over the tiniest cold, too!

I'm sorry you're having a rough time. I also understand about dealing with other people's assumptions. I feel like people who only see me for a few hours at a time assume that the rest of my life is like those few hours, when the truth is that I spent most of a day resting up enough to go out. People see me doing something one week, then the next week I say I can't do it, and it's easy for them to assume I'm a hypochondriac, or worse, my symptoms only show up when it's "convenient". And some people seem to assume that if I AM up and around, I must be feeling good.

I'm sorry the people in your daily life don't understand. I wish I had an answer for how to explain it to them. But we DO understand here.

Hang in there.


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