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Aborting A Faint


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I'm somewhat new to the forum and to the experience of always feeling like I'm fighting a faint. I have yet to go on meds, but find some relief from compression stockings , salt, and liquids. I am very sensitive to meds, so I'm trying to delay that as long as possible

I am still trying to keep up my routine of working fulltime, and am trying to understand what to do when I feel a faint coming on. I'm trying all the countermaneuvers. it feels like they help postpone the faint, but I will still feel for a couple hours like I'm delaying the inevitable. My body is hellbent on passing out. I'm not always in a situation where I can lie down and put my feet up.

I seem worst at the start of the day-- the shower (I do sit), and even going to the bathroom (sorry for the graphic detail, but peeing and defecating both make me feel like I'm gonna black out).

It's also bad at the end of the day if I've been sitting a lot at the computer.

So I guess I never know when to tell myself the urge to faint has passed enough that I can carry on. The other day I felt like I was going to faint while reading (seated), but I had to then walk three blocks to a pilates lesson. I contemplated cancelling, but hoped that if I kept moving I'd be okay. the urge kept coming and going. I asked my teacher to keep me on my back, but even at the end on my back, I thought I was gonna faint.

So sorry for the ramble-- but can you really make the faintness stop with the countermaneuvers, and at what point can you then resume what you were doing?

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honestly the best way that i know how to counter the feeling of a faint, is to just faint. the feeling goes away but then i usually end up fainting a few times and then i am just so worn out that all i can do is sleep.

i really don't have any suggestions but i just wanted to let you know htat i do understand what you mean. i would like to know how to do better with it myself.

i wish i knew the answer to your question because if i did, i would be a cpl and i would still be active duty.

dionna :(

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