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College And Ssi


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HEY ya'll! Has anyone taken a college course or two while getting SSI?

By no means do I mean full time school, just a class here and there. Is that allowed? Do they take it away if you start anytype of school?

Anyone had experience?


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I was in college part time for years while receiving SSDI. In fact, they didn't even take my benefits away when I did a year of grad school, even though I was getting a stipend. Apparently it didn't count as "working", because the stipend wasn't in return for any service I was providing. That was a total surprise.

If your disability claim comes up for reconsideration while you're in school, you may have to explain why you can do school and not work, but in my case, they accepted that I could do school because the schedule was so flexible -- I could study when I felt up to it and relax on my bad days.


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