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Topamax=not Passing Out??

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I started taking Topamax a week ago for my migraines. So far they haven't helped my migraines at all(which I'm not suprised, it's only been a week), and they've actually made them worse. But I've almost completely stopped passing out since taking it. I don't understand it. Believe me, I'm not complaining! It's just strange! Has anyone else heard of anything like this? I normally pass out whenever I stand up, move my head too much, or pretty much whenever my body feels like it (all the time), so this is a really nice change!

Any thoughts?


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Maybe Topamax just hits that part of the brain that's messed up with dysautonomia in just the right way. Lots of us take medications that weren't originally intended for dysautonomia and it looks like Topamax is already being used for weight loss, bipolar disorder, and lots of other things....so why not fainting?

EDIT: I found this article on a fibro site. Not very helpful I know, but if you skip down to the bottom three paragraphs it mentions how Topamax has the potential to treat many different disorders and helped this woman with her fainting. Maybe you stumbled upon a jackpot for yourself.

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