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I"ve been trying to find alot out about the reserach that is going on at the Baker Inmstitute in Australia. It's very hard to fond any information, or anything that might possibly "demethlyate" us.

Looking through posts from awhile back someone posted asking if it was possible the new medication Decitabine, a hypomethylator, they are using to treat some cancers would help us.

Does anyone know anything about this medication?

Has anyone ever tried it?

Does anybody know of anything else that would do the job?

Just curious


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Methylation is a normal body process. The body will methylate and demethylate genes to perform or modulate functions as required. For the process to happen properly, it is especially important that the B vitamins, minerals and redox nutrients are available in needed amounts.

Methylation of the genes keeps them temporarily inactive, but also protects them from free radicals and other toxic assaults. Hypermethylation may occur when there is an abnormal amount of free radicals (I have read).

I guess I am saying that it is a complex process. Search around and you will find lots of links. There is a thread some months back on the topic, but I do not recall the name of it. If I find links, I will let you know.

Great question.


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