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Hey guys...sorry my post didn't turn out right. What I wanted to know is does anyone else have any of these following problems. I'm feeling like crap again....are these symptoms familiar to anyone else??

Numbness in cheek or side of head (mild)?

High heart rate only sometimes.


or feeling bad even if the vitals are showing normal.

Sometimes I get scared, Aren't these the symptoms of heart disease??

I have been checked for heart disease and all three times I was normal. But it still scares me to death when the heart rate is so fast at times. THANKS

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yeah that is just my POTS though. the right side of the top of my face has been numb for a year and a half. the high heart rate is very normal for me, along with the low blood pressure. the weakness, the fatigue. if it really scares you perhaps talking with a doc would help you out.

dionna :)

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hey there,

i get the weakness, the very fast heart rate (been as high as 220), and feeling really crappy even when my vitals are normal.

dont worry, if you have had an echo, it would have ruled out any type of heart disease. usually docs are good at ruling out heart disease before diagnosing such a thing as autonomic dysfunction. they always plan for the worst case scenerio to investigate and go from there.

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