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I was just wondering if anyone else was taking Pamelor? I've never heard of it before but my neurologist recently prescribed it for my migraines. so i've been taking it for about 2 weeks and haven't had much side effects except that it makes me tired. So far so good.

So i just wanted to know of anyone else's experience with Pamelor.

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I am also on Pamelor for Migraines. I took it for about 3 weeks and it seemed to be helping with the migraine symptoms (head fog, head ache, nausea, etc). I started to get some wierd heart related symptoms so stopped and saw an electrophysiologist about all that. He said my heart was fine and I could start the pamelor again. I just started this week, but am hoping it will help - especially with the head fog. My POTS Dr. said she sees improvment in my POTs based on BP and heart rate, etc, so actually thinks my remaining 24/7 head fog is not due to POTS. She encouraged me to keep working with the migraine Dr., who says he has prescribed Pamelor for years and has found it to have few side efffects and work well for migrianes. He said my migraines are a "tranformed migriaine" - which means they are chronic and daily and part migriane part stress.

By the way...Pamelor is an anti-depressent that helps regualte the chemicals in your brian. It is an older anti-depressant (not newer like Prozac), and can have more side effects than the newer med's, but my neurologist really likes the results he sees with it for migraines.

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