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Guest Anne L

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Guest Anne L

Has anyone had a temperatue elevation just b/c of stress? Is this another funky system thing? I had a 3 degree elevation yesterday in the ER for dog bites. Added stress - it was my dog and we'd just come from the vet who euthanized her.(Vet said probable brain tumor. )

Thanks for any input.

Anne L

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Guest dionna

usually i always have a temperature of 96-97 and i only get low grade fevers. before i got sick though my normal temp was about 99 to 100. i am not sure about the stress or the temp. but i know that the body can't regulate its own temp correctly so i think that it is possible. you could check it out with a doc though.

dionna :)

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exact ditto for me of what dionna said, usual low grade, so sometimes "brilliant" ER docs don't think i'm sick!! :)

i wanted to say i'm so sorry about your dog. that is so tough! my heart goes out to you! (HUG)

hope you get some answers!

take care


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