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Concierge Care


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(subtopic should have read "Pro's and Con's ?")

Just had my first visit with a new primary care doc. I'm not feeling so sure about it after the first visit. I tried to be concise and pleasant, and I brought my records from the past year and a half of ruling out other things. The doctor looks at my records and says "You've had quite an extensive workup, is there anything else you want me to investigate?" Anyway, I didn't feel very reassured overall by this visit.

Anyways, I'm wondering if anyone has switched to boutique/ concierge care for their primary doctor? I have insurance, but when I get the claims back I see how measly they are getting reimbursed. No wonder they are in a hurry and stressed out. I've read some really good things about docs opting out of managed care and both patients and doctors feeling better about it.

I just wonder if it would be worth $1,000 a year or so just to feel like I am the paying customer, not just another copayment. Anyone have a positive or negative experience trying this? I'm really curious!

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Interesting thought. I did not know that you could do that or that docs were doing such things. It seems to be a thought. Providing some reason for them to spend more than 5-10 minutes with you. Who is managing the POTS meds for you? What kind of problems do you intend your doc to manage? AT this point i have taken my family doc out of the picture, save for the basics colds and infections. Have an endocrinologist and a EP now. Those are the 2 overiding issues - nothing for the family practice guy to do except hand me antibiotics. He was good about realizing he was over his head and sent me to every specialist we could think of. I am gratefull for that so i do not intend on dumping him but effectively he is out.

Oops got caried away. What will your primary doc treat exactly? if he is doing pots and you can get better service for a grand considering the number of visits you are likely to have it does not seem a bad deal if you can find a doc willing to do the extra work needed to manage you pots. Option 2 seems to be keep looking till you get lucky.

Indecisively yours


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