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Help! New Symptoms...


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I've been working at a summer job that requires far too much standing for me to handle (Tomorrow is my last day! YAY!) My health has gotten worse while working at this job, and my body has tacked on a couple of new symptoms.

I'm wondering if anyone has lifestyle tips for dealing with these:

1.) Difficulty breathing. I am often struggling for a deep breath, and I feel like I have to remind myself to breath at all.

2.) My hands have sharp aches and pains. I am assuming this is dysautonomia related ... (?)

Any advice would be great!!



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Hi Shannon

I too have problems breathing. At times it feels like my exhale is so long that I just can't get a deep breath. The only advice I have to offer is that I just try to stay calm.

I get aches in my hands and joints but I have carpal tunnel. Sometimes wearing a brace works and if it gets really bad my neurologist is able to give me a shot that helps a little.

At least your summer job is almost over!

Take Care


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