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Finding Oppurtunites


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What does everyone do for fun? Or to get out of the house? I feel as though, opputrutnies to go out and do things as well as see other helps not only in my outlook, but with my strength as well. the only problem is i can never finds things to do. We onyl have limited shopping around. Any suggestions?


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Last Friday night my husband and I went with our neighbors to see a comedian. We had a great time and felt so good to forget my illness for awhile and laugh. It was relaxing - got to sit down the whole time the venue was smoke free and I had a NA beer - didn't taste to bad - I enjoyed myself and time with others. I know the losing a social life is not good.

Just a suggestion !!! My personal montra is Live Well, Love much and Laugh Often!!!


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No Bananas-

You are very right about the value of activities, especially when you have a chronic health problem with fatigue. It can be hard to take friends up on social invitations when you aren't sure what your going to feel like that day. Sometimes it is helpful to just plan something, however silly, for yourself- like a bubble bath or carry out diner and a movie, a manicure if that's your thing. The point is not that it's an extravagent or exciting plan, but that you are doing something nice for yourself.

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:D Kel-

I like your personal mantra as well- it happens to be a beautiful sign that hangs in my living room, given to me by a friend- :)

For fun??- well getting out of the house is a very rare event- so it's movies, friends and family coming over, reading, internet games, ordering out - although that is really not fun anymore as it has become the norm.

Love sitting on my porch and watching all the wildlife-- that's about it. Little things, watching butterflies and hummingbirds brighten my day, as well as the pets. Going for short rides when I can handle it. :D

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Good film, chat with a friend on the phone or lovely hot bath if I'm in the house and I fel horrific.

If I'm up to going out- lunch with a friend, drink in a bar, film out, walk, ride, go to the gym, go to party

If I'm really on top of the world I will invite people over and hist a dinner party. But I've only managed that twice in the last 2 years. Then we will go out to a bar or a party afterwards. I rarely feel *that* good these days, and even if I do, I undoubtedly end up paying dearly the next day.

Important to keep going out and keep doing things. Thought about trying a yoga or pilates class? You can meet new people that way,and it might help symptoms too.

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