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Those On Florinef.


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When you have a cold or dental work etc, does your Dr tell you to take steroids such as prednisone as well?

Also do any of you on Florinef also have systemic candida?

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Hey Tanzanite!

I currently take Florinef and of all the side effects it is causing, thank goodness a yeast infection is not included. If you are taking the prednisone mentioned, this is known to cause these sort of problems but I am not sure if the Florinef does or not.

Sorry I am not much help.

Good Luck!


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I have candida which I'm trying to get rid of myself through high quality probiotics, garlic pills and low sugar diet as I can't take anti-fungals. With florinef it's a contraindication of taking it if you have fungal infections. It's the only med I'm on for POTS and there's no way I want to come off it and risk going back to how I was last year.

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