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Provigil & Celexa

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Does anyone take Provigil 100 mg QD? I have made contact with a 26 year old female in NC who takes this along with Celexa for her POTS and is doing very well with these meds. She indicated that this is a new combination of drugs for treatment of POTS. Provigil is used to treat narcolepsy.

Just wondering if anyone has tried this and what their results were?


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I tried Provigil awhile back and did not like it at all- another doc ended up taking me off of it because she said they don't even fully understand how it works.

Then again, fatigue isn't one of my major symptoms- my problem is that I'm usually too dizzy or nauseaus to do anything. I did sleep a lot less while on Provigil, but unfortunately it didn't help any of my other symptoms so I didn't find myself able to function any more that I could without the drug.

If you suffer from fatigue, it may work better for you.

Good luck!

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I tried Provigil for a while because fatigue is my worst symptom. I didn't like the way it made me feel -- kinda jittery like I had too much coffee or something.

My brother who has CFS takes it and it seems to help him. If he knows he has something he needs to accomplish on a specific day he is sure to take it. (On days when he's home all day he doesn't)

I think it's worth a try. (I've never tried Celexa)

Hope it works well for you,


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