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1 Year To See Neurologist And I'm Having Convulsions!

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I got my letter yesterday from the hospital and it said I have to wait up to a year to see a nuerologist. I'm fuming as I'm having convulsions and my thirst is worse than ever. Also fainting and getting blurred vision. getting worse and worse. I'll probably be dead in a year! there's no point in me waiting that long at all. Besides...how do I know that when I do finally get to see them they'll not just say there's nothing wrong like the neurologist in London did?

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My goodness BendyScooby!

Can you go to see another one? That is a long time to wait. Can an internalist or another doctor help you until then? I live in a small community in Northern Canada that does not even have a neurologist. We have 'travelling neurologists' and the wait is only anywhere from 2 weeks to 3 months tops! Are you waiting to see a specific neurologist or just one in general??

Good luck and keep us informed


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Yup...been checked for everything a blood test can check for. Evreything came back normal. AM going back to see my GP in two weeks (first appt I can get) and chat to him about it then. Also when I see Dr Hakim (at the hypermobility clinic in London) I'll tell him to see if thre's anything he can do. he originally refered me to the nuero in London so perhps he can refer me back. No way I can wait a year. I'm twicthing so badly now it's hard to eat anything coz the food goes everywhere! I'm not sure if I'm seeing any specific neurologist locally.

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